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Skooch Group consults on business improvement and systems efficiencies – with a major focus on CX. 

quoteGY-60x52CX – customer experience – is crucial to building a business.
Without viewing your business the way a customer does,
you will not understand what motivates them to buy from you …

or not.quoteGY-60x52end 


Our goal is to identify and correct issues in your business that are causing challenges and holding you back from your true potential.  All businesses have inefficiencies, the consultants at Skooch Group are trained to analyse and identify, then develop strategies to implement – so your business can grow properly.

Drawing on many decades of experience in a multitude of industries, Skooch Group is the collaboration of entrepreneurial individuals with the same vision.

We bring to the marketplace an enthusiasm and verve that sees nothing impossible.

Members share amongst them:

  • 25 years – international distribution
  • 18 years – strategic development
  • 17 years – sales & marketing
  • 21 years – design & development
  • 12 years – franchising
  • 38 years – user experience

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